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Feature Showers

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Feature Showers

Our Feature Showers are manufactured to suit the area available. Quite often a shower area is anything but standard, so our showers are perfect for this application.

Our great range of Feature Showers are all manufactured to the highest standard. We can design the ceiling showers layout to included coloured LED lighting and fibre optics if required. In addition to this we can also build in mist showers within the tiled walls, operated by touch buttons installed within the shower unit. We also ask our customers to let us know if there is anything they have seen elsewhere which they like, and where possible, provide us with an image so we reproduce exactly what they want.

If you would like a free quotation please either email us with a ruff sketch, or contact us for a template. We don’t request that you send a perfect drawing at the quotation stage.

If you do have drawings then we can also accept DWG, CAD or PDF.

All quotations are free.

Feature Showers - Bespoke Feature Showers

Bespoke Feature Showers

Quite often a shower area is anything but standard, therefore our bespoke tiled feature showers are perfect for this application.

Feature Showers - Snail Feature Showers

Snail Feature Showers

Tiled Snail Showers are often chosen over the Radius Feature Showers because of the extra privacy offered due to the shape of the shower.

Feature Showers - Radius Feature Showers

Radius Tiled Feature Showers

Our Radius Tiled Feature Showers are usually 1000mm in diameter although they can be manufactured to suit any area available.

If you have any questions or require a quotation please do not hesitate to contact us, by calling: 01772 617063 or email us at: info@speedifixpools.co.uk

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Tips to Keep Saunas and Steam Rooms Appealing to Users

Saunas and steam rooms continue to be a desirable addition to your home or Wellness Centre. Provided operators are willing to invest the time into keeping them clean and maintained, they will continue to be the facility’s or home’s crowning jewel and attract myriad new members.

Regular Cleaning

Maintaining a thorough cleaning process from the start, is certainly one of the best way to keep any part of a facility looking like new. For Bespoke Saunas and Bespoke Steam Rooms, this is even more important due to the interaction of users sitting directly on the benches. Sweat can build up if the area under benches is not thoroughly cleaned.

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Extra Care for Important Areas

Extra care should be given to important areas such as anything that come in direct contact with the user. Professional Service and Maintenance Contracts can keep a Sauna or Steam Room looking good for longer. The wood finishes used in a traditional sauna can be difficult to maintain, if not done correctly. Choosing the right wood can also make a difference. The Red Cedar Sauna is the most common and is lighter then other choices.

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Choose the Right Material

Wood continues as the standard for seating areas in saunas. With choices such as Red Cedar, Canadian spruce and Obeche timber. For Steam Rooms, it’s imperative that the right materials are chosen initially to prevent a more costly repair down the road. One more area where a facility requires thought, in regards to materials, is the door. We manufacture and supply our own Steam Room Doors to suit any request.

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Set the Mood

The correct materials, maintained properly present a relaxing Sauna or Steam Room experience. The correct use of Sauna Lighting can help make the environment of a Sauna or Steam Room more inviting.

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