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Commercial Steam Rooms

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Commercial Steam Rooms

Our wide range of Commercial Steam Rooms can be manufactured to fit any space no matter how irregular! All our bespoke steam rooms or tiled steam rooms are available with a wide range of optional extras such as; bespoke steam room rounded/formed seating; bespoke steam room square flat top seating; bespoke steamroom LED Sauna Lighting – ceiling mounted; bespoke steam room essence injection; bespoke steam room internal shower systems; bespoke steamroom LED lighting – within the seats and floor and bespoke steam room LED crystal pedestal feature.

Commercial Bespoke Tiled Steam Rooms

Commercial bespoke steam rooms can be tiled in large format tiles or small mosaic tiles, seat tops can also be finished with granite or stone tops. As with any product the bespoke steam rooms available can be produced to suit any budget. Bespoke tiled steam rooms can range from between £14,000.00 to £40,000.00 depending on the specification. We also have a basic range of Bespoke Steam Rooms, these are not tiled steam rooms, they are a design of steam room produced by Speedifix Pools to reduce the cost of new steam rooms.


New Budget Commercial Steam Room

The new budget steam room has a sprayed acrylic finish to the seats, walls, ceiling and floor. Each area comes with a wide range of coloured finishes and the floor is finished with a ‘none-slip’ coating to match. Standard options are still available, such as; bespoke steam room rounded/formed seating; bespoke steam room square flat top seating; bespoke steam room LED lighting and bespoke steam room essence injection.

This style of Bespoke Steam Room ranges from £8,000.00 to £14,000.00


Steam Room Refurbishments

We have several steam room refurbishment options for steam rooms that are starting to look slightly past their best. When a steam room starts to reach the end of its life it starts to lose tiles, the grout starts to discolour and even the shell starts to leak water in to surrounding rooms. Customer’s begin to complain of sharp edges when steam rooms lose some of their grout. Once a small amount has come away it starts a domino effect that sees water getting under the tiles meaning they start to work loose – this is when steam rooms need to be replaced or refurbished.


Budget Steam Room Refurbishment System

This style of steam room refurbishment can be applied over the original steam room, meaning that the original shape and frame of the steam room remains, including the seats. The budget steam room system can rejuvenate an old tired steam room into a new modern room which looks like a completely new steam room has been installed.


Commercial Steam Room Refurbishments

Our second option available when requiring a steam room refurbishment is to remove everything from site and start again! Customers are invited to send us a drawing/sketch of the area which requires a new bespoke steam room installation so that we can prepare a new steam room design and free quotation. One of our team will arrange a site visit to inspect the area available for the installation and to discuss the options available. Old style steam rooms can be replaced with a new modern Bespoke Steam Rooms or tiled steam rooms and the installation normally takes around two weeks on site. Once the new steam room has been installed, staff training is available along with a range of Service and Maintenance Contracts. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!


Below is a selection of some our Commercial Steam Rooms:

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