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Swimming Pool Maintenance Company

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Swimming Pool Maintenance Company

Swimming Pool Maintenance Company


Quality Swimming Pool Service & Maintenance

Swimming pools are one of the most admired and well-loved aspects of the summer, no matter where you live. When it gets warm, the whole world wants to put on a swimsuit and dive in. Unfortunately, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor pool, many individuals have discovered, swimming pools are breeding grounds for truly gruesome and detrimental substances. Bacteria, algae, and other less-than-appealing contaminants can ruin an otherwise perfect and relaxing swim. Microorganisms can be present even in pools that appear clean. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) reported that in the past two decades, there has been an increase in the number of Recreational Water Illnesses (RWIs) outbreaks at public swimming pools. Although, it’s not just public swimming pools that run the risk of having unhealthy debris and particles infest the water. RWIs are caused by the spread of germs by swallowing contaminated water in swimming pools, hot tubs, water parks, lakes, and oceans. Therefore home pools and wellness areas require just as much care and attention. Here at Speedifix Pools, we specialise in swimming pool service and maintenance, from large commercial swimming pools, to small private home pools and wellness products.


Swimming Pool Maintenance Contracts

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Swimming Pool Service and Maintenance | Swimming Pool Maintenance

Swimming Pool Maintenance

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Professional Servicing and Swimming Pool Testing

There are many ways to ensure that your pool is in top condition, but the approach to maintenance really depends on the state of damage. Initially, one of our trained professionals will test the water to examine the pH levels as well as the chlorine content. From there, we can determine what types of chemicals your pool is lacking and how to improve its composition. If it’s an outdoor pool, bugs and plants, pollen and dirt can all cloud the water. Swimming pool maintenance involves not only keeping the water clean, but also the surfaces of the pool itself, using pool bottom brushes, leaf nets and vacuums.


Quality Swimming Pool Installation

Speedifix Pools is a renowned swimming pool maintenance company, known for more than just its professional maintenance services. We have worked in the swimming pool industry for well over thirty years, making us experts in our field. With our experience and expertise, there is virtually nothing we cannot accomplish when it comes to swimming pools. We are able to offer bespoke maintenance service contracts to new and existing clients as well as high quality swimming pool installation services. It takes talent and skill to install a pool that is perfect and one that matches the owner’s ideals and desires, whilst conforming to safety codes and standard regulations.


Whether you require a new swimming pool installation, service and maintenance for you existing pool or a service contract tailored to your needs, Speedfix Pools can offer you the best possible service at very competitive rates.


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