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Service Maintenance Contracts

Helping you maintain your swimming pool all year round

Service and Maintenance Contracts

Here at Speedifix Pools, we can provide commercial and domestic Service and Maintenance Contracts to our customers, using our team of qualified, skilled and experienced engineers, who can be available within 24hrs of a fault being reported.

Our Service and Maintenance Services:

Speedifix Pools Service and Maintenance Contracts provides national cover for all wet side Wellness Products, our engineers service and maintain facilities such as:

We offer several different Service and Maintenance Contracts:

Speedifix Pools Service and Maintenance Contracts are designed to suit each individual customer, we offer several different contracts:

  • Domestic Swimming Pool Maintenance Contracts
  • Monthly Swimming Pool Maintenance Contracts
  • Commercial Swimming Pool Maintenance Contracts
  • Quarterly Swimming Pool Maintenance Contracts
  • Weekly Swimming Pool Maintenance Contracts
  • Bi-Annual Swimming Pool Maintenance Contracts
  • Fortnightly Swimming Pool Maintenance Contracts
  • Annual Swimming Pool Maintenance Contracts

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Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

Regular maintenance and routine care of your pool is the key to keeping it in good condition. All swimming pools are different and so are their maintenance needs. At Speedifix Pools, we can not only offer you Service and Maintenance Contracts, if you require a regular professional service, but we also can provide you with all the equipment required to maintain the pool yourself via our Swimming Pool Supplies Shop. Below are a few handy maintenance tips, that will keep you pool looking great.

Clean the Pool Filter

Believe it or not, cleaning the filter more often than the manufacturer recommends, can actually affect the filtration process. A clean filter can be less efficient than a filter which holds a small amount of dirt. Dirt works to trap other particles, removing more debris from the water. Although there are different types of swimming pool filters, they all require routine cleaning depending on how often they are used. When there is a increase in flow between the pressure gauge and flow meter, this is a common sign that it’s time for a clean.

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Vacuum Pool and Brush Walls

Brushing your pool walls every week is a great way to ensure the water is kept clear. It also helps reduce algae buildup so it doesn’t become a larger problem. Be sure to check what method of cleaning you should use, as it depends on the material your pool walls are made. Select a stiff brush for plaster-lined concrete pools and a softer brush for vinyl or fiberglass walls. For tiles, use a soft brush to prevent scratching or degradation of grout. We have a great selection of brushes available in our Swimming Pool Supplies Shop.

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Remove Debris and Clean

Removing debris from the pool’s surface by hand every few days is one of the fastest and easiest Swimming Pool Maintenance actions you can do. If debris has sunk to the bottom, you can use a long-handled net called a Deep Water Leaf Skimmer to remove it. This process significantly increases the efficiency of the pool’s circulation system and reduces the amount of chemical treatment you need to use within your pool. Cleaning the strainer baskets once a week, by simply removing the basket, giving it a quick shake and spraying the inside, can also help ensure the circulation in maintained.

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Professionally Service the Heater

Swimming Pool Heaters are usually low maintenance objects. But sometimes calcium scales build up inside the tubes of a heater and restrict flow, preventing the water from heating adequately. If this happens, it’s likely the heater may need to be disassembled and have its tubes cleaned out. Therefore, at Speedifix Pools, we offer our customers, domestic and commercial Service and Maintenance Contracts for your Swimming Pool and Equipment, as well as standard call out services, to ensure your in safe hands.

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Maintain Good Water Quality

Swimming Pool water should be tested regularly to make sure it’s clean and healthy. You can monitor your pool’s pH level with a testing kit. The pH scale is a measurement of acidity or alkalinity that runs from 0 to 14. A reading between 7.2 and 7.8 is ideal; this range is safe for swimmers and helps sanitisers work at top efficiency.

Speedifix Service and Maintenance offer Topline Electronic Tec2000 Chemical Dosing Units as standard issue equipment. These dosing units are designed to be user friendly and record all the data logged by the unit whilst in operation. We also offer a LMI Chemical Dosing Pump that is self priming. This helps with reducing the number of callouts to the chemical dosing if it is not working. If a site does forget to fill the chlorine day tank then quite often once it has been filled the LMI pump will struggle to re-prime. With a self priming option, this removes a potential problem.

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Find and Repair Leaks

You can check for leaks in your pool by conducting a simple bucket test. Fill a plastic bucket with water about three-quarters full. Mark the water line on the inside. Then place the bucket in the pool and mark the water line on the outside. Leave it to float for two or three days. If the water inside and outside the bucket has gone down the same amount, your pool is losing water. However, if the pool water level has gone down more than the water inside the bucket, your pool has a leak. If this is the case, we may be able to help, contact us today.

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