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What is a Hammam Room or Turkish Bath?

 / Wellness  / What is a Hammam Room or Turkish Bath?
What is a Hammam Room or Turkish Bath

What is a Hammam Room or Turkish Bath?


What is a traditional Hammam?

What is a Hammam room or Turkish bath? You may know it as a Hammam, but it can also be referred to by many other names such as a Turkish bath, a Turkish Hammam and sometimes a Moroccan Spa (Although a Moroccan Spa is usually a place that contains Hammam Rooms or Turkish baths). They may be referred to differently, but generally they all are the wet relative of the Sauna.

Hammams originated in Arabia where the culture of a bath was a main part of Roman life. But as you may be able to guess from the alternative names, it was Turkey that made the tradition popular, giving it the more common name of a Turkish Bath.

The Hammam treatment generally involves a series of stages over a set period of time. These stages are still maintained in good modern Hammam Treatment Rooms. All stages of a Hammam treatment are aimed at relaxing and cleansing the whole body.

Relaxing, adjusting to the warmth, full body scrub, soaking, rinsing and massage, are just a some of the traditional stages you can expect when having a Hammam Room treatment. Traditionally, they were very open, public treatment areas. But today, most modern spas use private Hammam rooms within their Wellness areas.



Hammam Room or Turkish Bath


Benefits of a Hammam Room


Hammam Rooms

Body Scrub


What are the benefits of Hammam Spa Treatment Rooms?

There are many reasons why people love Hammam rooms and the treatment they provide. They provide a physical and emotional detox as well as reducing stress and anxiety through deep relaxation. Due to the full body scrub, dead skin is removed from your body, unclogging pores as well as removing toxins from the skin, beautifying the body and face. This can help with providing your skin with vitamins and minerals, allowing it to nourish and rehydrate.

With the inclusion of a massage within its treatment, any muscle tension or pain can be reduced as well as helping blood circulation, boosting the immune system. The whole Hammam treatment aims to rejuvenate your body, help give you a better sleep pattern, give you more energy and generally feel more fresh and balanced within yourself.


What’s the difference between a Hammam Room and Sauna?

Initially there is the heritage of both. The Hammam room dates back to the roman baths in Eastern countries, whereas the Sauna was invented in Scandinavia. So immediately you can come to the conclusion that they will look very different. Where saunas are made from wood, the Hammam room will traditionally be covered in mosaic tiles.

In regards to their function, the main difference is the air. Anyone who has been in a sauna will know that the air feels very dry and hot, as there is no moisture, mist or steam. This generally makes a sauna feel a lot warmer. In a Hammam room, there is moisture and steam (as they are also known as a Turkish Steam Baths). The air is more humid and temperatures (although still very warm) generally don’t exceed 50°C. In a Hammam the heat tends to be produced by a steam generator, whereas a sauna can produce it’s heat from gas, electric, stove fires and heaters.

These are some areas where Hammam rooms and a sauna differ, but they do have many similarities. They are both designed for ultimate relaxation; they are both warm Wellness Products; they both have benefits to skin, morale and muscle soreness; and they both give a general feeling of improved well-being, which can only be a good thing! To find out more about the benefits of a sauna, why not read our article What are the benefits of a Sauna?


Speedifix Pools

Here at Speedifix Pools, we specialise in designing, manufacturing and installing Hammam Rooms, Saunas and Steam Rooms, as well as many other Wellness Spa Treatment Rooms for both the domestic and commercial market. We can design and produce a Sauna to suit any specification.

All or Saunas are manufactured at our UK based factory and can be made in any shape and size. We invite our customers to visit our factory. This allows the customer to see how we manufacture our Bespoke Saunas in the UK and can rest assured that the are manufactured to the highest standards, using the highest quality brands.

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