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What are the costs to maintain a Swimming Pool?

 / Swimming Pool Maintenance  / What are the costs to maintain a Swimming Pool?
costs to maintain a Swimming Pool

What are the costs to maintain a Swimming Pool?


What are the costs to maintain a swimming pool?

The costs to maintain a swimming pool can depend on various factors such as the size of the pool, the shape and its location. There are also many additional extras or accessories a swimming pool can have, such as fountains, jets, water features, slides and lighting to name just a few. Owning a swimming pool whether your a commercial business or a homeowner has it’s benefits, but it also requires a little maintenance to ensure it’s kept in perfect working order. The main costs associated with owning a swimming pool, with the exception on the original build, are the maintenance costs. Although it is very possible for a regular homeowner to carry out some pool maintenance repairs and services, if you are unsure or especially if you are a commercial pool owner, it is best to employ professionals like Speedifix Pools.


What are the running costs of a swimming pool?

The running costs of a swimming pool are roughly around £5 – £10 a day, but this will depend on many factors such as if it’s summer or winter (winter being more expensive). As mentioned earlier, the costs to maintain a swimming pool are mainly based around swimming pool maintenance and this is essential for any pool to ensure it doesn’t become a health risk to its users. If your pool is running all year round, service and repairs to items such as pool heaters and chemicals will need to be carried out on a regular basis by professionals such as Speedifix Pools. Other swimming pool maintenance tasks can be carried out by the owner, reducing costs. Below is a list of maintenance services that should be considered when calculating monthly or yearly costs to maintain a swimming pool:


Cleaning Filters – Water filtration is one of the main factors in maintaining your swimming pool water clarity. Filtration removes the small particles from the pool water which can cause contamination. Prices range from £200+ Click here to see our range of Cleaning Filters.




Skimming Skimming is a easy way to ensure debris doesn’t clog up your filters. A skimmer is a fine mesh net attached to a long pole and is used to remove floating debris such as leaves and drowned insects. It is recommended to that you skim your pool at least once every few days. Prices range from £10 – £50 Click here to see our range of  Skimming Products.


VacuumingThere are two kinds of pool vacuums: automatic and manual. Automatic vacuums run along the bottom of the pool and generate suction, whereas manual vacuums attach to a long pole which you can move around the pool yourself. It is recommended to vacuum your pool once a week. Prices range from £200 – £500 Click here to see our range of  Pool Vacuums.



BrushingBrushing keeps the walls of your pool clean. The kind of brush you’ll need will depend on the material of your pool’s walls. It is recommended that you brush your pool once a week before vacuuming. Prices range from £20 – £100 Click here to see our range of  Brushes.



Pool HeatersA pool heater can go at for a few years before it requires servicing. Although, when it does, it’s best to seek the help of a professional t0 repair the heater. Prices range from £200 – £500+ Click here to see our range of Pool Heaters.




Swimming Pool Repair Service

Maintaining pHYour pool water’s PH level determines its acidity and alkalinity. A certain level of acidity must be maintained in your pool. Add chemicals according to instructions to neutralize your pool water. Click here to see our range of Water Treatment Products.




Leak Detection – If you have to add water frequently, you may have a leak. Detecting a leak is simple. Fill a plastic bucket three-quarters of the way and mark the water line on the inside. Float it in your pool or set it on the steps and mark the waterline on the outside of the bucket. After two to three days, compare the water lines. You will need to call a professional for the repair.


Whether you require a new swimming pool installation, service and maintenance for you existing pool or a service contract tailored to your needs, Speedfix Pools can offer you the best possible service at very competitive rates.


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