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swimming pool maintenance

Swimming Pool Maintenance – Winterising

Winterising your Swimming Pool Preparing your swimming pool for winter: After an amazing summer of hot weather, it doesn't take long before we are back to reality and heading quickly into the winter season. As pool owners, this means we are required to protect our pool by carrying-out some swimming pool maintenance. Fortunately there are some easy steps you can do to ensure your pool water stays in good condition.   Procedure for Winterising your pool: The swimming pool must be vacuumed, cleaned and all leaves removed to stop any decay. Curved Pool Brushes and Pool Skimmers are great products for doing this effectively. It's a good idea to lower the water level of your pool to around 6 inches below the skimmer but never empty your pool. Store...

Home Saunas

Home Saunas & Steam Rooms – Built for you!

Bespoke Home Saunas & Steam Rooms Home Saunas and Steam Rooms have become a more and more popular feature in the modern household. Whilst at home, you can enjoy the benefits of a Sauna or Steam Room just as you would if you visited a Spa or Treatment Room at your local Gym or Wellness Club at a time that suits you. Literally meaning "Finnish Bath", saunas were invented in Finland 2,000 thousand years ago. The intention is to create an artificial, sweaty fever, which causes the skin pores to open and cleanse themselves and is known to have many benefits to our health. The general use of a Sauna has a feel-good factor. It gives us chance to relax and get away from the pressures of...

swimming pool supplies online store UK

Swimming Pool Supplies UK

UK Pool Supplies, Online Store At Speedifix Pools, you can find all the swimming pool supplies required to ensure your pool is safe, clean and kept to the highest standard. Whether you own a home sauna, steam room or a large swimming pool, we have a large range of maintenance products for both domestic and commercial customers. We stay on up to date with the ever pool and wellness spa industry. Due to this, it saves you time and money with our years of experience with hundreds of products used in the field. The best way to keep your pool in top condition and to get the most out of it, is to follow a regular swimming pool maintenance schedule using professional pool supplies and accessories. Here...

What is a Hammam Room or Turkish Bath

What is a Hammam Room or Turkish Bath?

  What is a traditional Hammam? What is a Hammam room or Turkish bath? You may know it as a Hammam, but it can also be referred to by many other names such as a Turkish bath, a Turkish Hammam and sometimes a Moroccan Spa (Although a Moroccan Spa is usually a place that contains Hammam Rooms or Turkish baths). They may be referred to differently, but generally they all are the wet relative of the Sauna. Hammams originated in Arabia where the culture of a bath was a main part of Roman life. But as you may be able to guess from the alternative names, it was Turkey that made the tradition popular, giving it the more common name of a Turkish Bath. The Hammam treatment generally involves...

costs to maintain a Swimming Pool

What are the costs to maintain a Swimming Pool?

  What are the costs to maintain a swimming pool? The costs to maintain a swimming pool can depend on various factors such as the size of the pool, the shape and its location. There are also many additional extras or accessories a swimming pool can have, such as fountains, jets, water features, slides and lighting to name just a few. Owning a swimming pool whether your a commercial business or a homeowner has it's benefits, but it also requires a little maintenance to ensure it's kept in perfect working order. The main costs associated with owning a swimming pool, with the exception on the original build, are the maintenance costs. Although it is very possible for a regular homeowner to carry out some pool maintenance repairs...