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Home Saunas & Steam Rooms – Built for you!

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Home Saunas

Home Saunas & Steam Rooms – Built for you!

Bespoke Home Saunas & Steam Rooms

Home Saunas and Steam Rooms have become a more and more popular feature in the modern household. Whilst at home, you can enjoy the benefits of a Sauna or Steam Room just as you would if you visited a Spa or Treatment Room at your local Gym or Wellness Club at a time that suits you.

Literally meaning “Finnish Bath”, saunas were invented in Finland 2,000 thousand years ago. The intention is to create an artificial, sweaty fever, which causes the skin pores to open and cleanse themselves and is known to have many benefits to our health. The general use of a Sauna has a feel-good factor. It gives us chance to relax and get away from the pressures of everyday life. The heat in a sauna helps to promote relaxation, leading to a greater feeling of well-being. Whilst in a sauna, you start to sweat.  By sweating, your skin removes toxic chemicals faster than other detox methods. Sweating, followed by a shower cleanses your skin and makes it soft and healthy with recognisable effects. The sauna is also a great place to sit and relax and using a sauna regularly can effectively help with physical and mental fatigue.


Why are Home Saunas so Popular?

Saunas and Steam Rooms are now a standard feature in hotels, gyms and spas. But now, due to new technology and professional Sauna and Steam Room Companies, it is also fast becoming the perfect accessory to any home creating more of a spa-like feel in the home. The desire for relaxation and to get away from the outside world fits in with the need to create a haven in the home. And in particular, home Sauna and Steam Rooms are a place where you can just be on your own and really get away from it all. And with a one-off outlay rather than an annual membership, to a Spa it does make a lot of financial sense.


Speedifix Pools

Here at Speedifix Pools, we specialise in designing, manufacturing and installing Saunas for both the domestic and commercial market. We can design and produce a Sauna to suit any specification.

All or Saunas are manufactured at our UK based factory and can be made in any shape and size. We invite our customers to visit our factory. This allows the customer to see how we manufacture our Bespoke Saunas in the UK and can rest assured that the are manufactured to the highest standards, using the highest quality brands.

Speedifix Pools

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